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Ying-Yu Sheena Chu

997 ワード

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英語  —
  • 英語(米国)
  • 英語(英国)
  • 中国語(繁体字、台湾) 母国語
  • 翻訳
    6.671 ワード
  • 編集
    4.41 ワード
  • 校正
    3.731 ワード

生物学 バイオ 化粧品 ファッション 飲食品 一般口座 ライフサイエンス


台湾, Taichung, 16:22
9 年 2 月
Specialized in medical, psychological and life-related translation. 
Passion in food, fashion and beauty.


University of Oregon

  • 2012
  • アメリカ合衆国
  • 学士
  • Psychology

Medical University of Poznan

  • ポーランド
  • Medicine

Taipei Medical University

  • 台湾
  • Pharmacy


Freelance の English to Traditional Chinese translator
2019 から 現在
Expertise in medical, pharmaceutical, gaming, marketing, skincare, and general consumer goods.
Lionbridge Inc. の Localization Project Coordinator for Google
2018 から 2019
- Responsible for daily project management with various sizes and categories, including website content, legal terms, campaign...etc.. - Arranged tasks to appropriate translators & reviewers based on difficulty/category while assuring engagement and delivery time.
Truetel Communications の System Analyst for Instant Messaging Application
2015 から 2016
- Responsible for analyzing client's requirements for an instant messaging application and ensured the server design follows. - Facilitated communications across engineers, PM, and QA teams. - Synchronized with the client (USA) and iOS/Google device teams (India) in weekly meetings.
Truetel Communications の Operation Specialist
2014 から 2015
- Modeled 24/7 monitoring system for real-time users' activities and system loading surveillance. - Managed instant maintenance during outages, to bring service back online as soon as possible.
Lionbridge Inc. の Localization Project Manager for Microsoft
2013 から 2014
- Managed Xbox, Xbox Live packaging localization projects in Microsoft GlobalArt team for APAC region languages. - Coordinated marketing, printing, localization teams to delivered high-quality and precise content on time.
Hopeful Worldwide Ltd. の Sales Account Executive
2012 から 2013
- Integrated customer requirements with factory development. - Facilitated sample development procedures and customer expectations. - Expanded customer product line by providing desired products with reasonable costs.