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Salomon Sfeir

188 ワード

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英語  —
  • 英語(米国)
  • 英語(英国)
スペイン語 母国語
  • スペイン語(アルゼンチン)
  • スペイン語(メキシコ)
  • スペイン語(スペイン)

芸術および文化 生物学 バイオ 化学 文書および証明書類 フィクション ゲーム産業


チリ, Santiago, 17:11
8 年 1 月
I am very skilled at linguistics (e.g., my graduate thesis proposal was considered to be closer to a postgraduate subject by the Committee, and yet I got the maximum grade and a recommendation for publication when I finished it); I have excellent spelling in Spanish, English and every other language I have studied, and an excellent writing style, especially in Spanish (I am a fiction writer too). All my clients have commended me on the fact that ...


Universidad Católica Andrés Bello

  • 2012
  • ベネズエラ
  • 学士
  • Linguistics


Angloc.com の English to Spanish Senior Translator
2017 から 現在
In charge of various translation-related tasks, such as translation, editing, proofreading, redline, etc.
Inversiones GlobalGate の English Teacher
2017 から 2017
I was a private English teacher who taught the language at the clients' worplaces.
Maryland Institute の English teacher
2017 から 2017
I was a private English teacher who taught the language at the clients' worplaces.
(Freelance Work) の Freelance translator
2013 から 2017
Freelance translator focused on several types of non-legal documents, like industrial and computational manuals, texts for art exhibitions, furniture catalogs, etc.
Universidad Católica Andrés Bello の Teacher for the mandatory English Sufficiency Course.
2014 から 2016
I was in charge of teaching basic English grammar in three-month courses.
Ipso Facto Traducciones の External translator, member of the translation team.
2014 から 2015
I was in charge of translating mainly legal and academic documents.
Bloque Dearmas の Proofreader & Copyeditor
2013 から 2013
Proofreader & Copyeditor in charge of 12 periodical journals at Bloque Dearmas in Caracas, Venezuela.


Catalog of a Product by DTC (extract)

  • 2016

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文書Catalog of a Product by DTC (extract)

Gannomat Selekta 0253 - Instruction Manual (extract)

  • 2015

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文書Gannomat Selekta 0253 - Instruction Manual (extract)

R for Dummies (extract)

  • 2012

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文書R for Dummies (extract)