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Mariana Spulber

9 ワード

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英語  — ルーマニア語
  • ルーマニア語(ルーマニア) 母国語
  • 翻訳
    1.91 ワード
  • 編集
    1.91 ワード
  • 校正
    1.91 ワード

銀行業務と投資 ビジネス 企業の社会的責任 化粧品 経済学 教育 エネルギー


フランス語  —
  • フランス語(フランス)
  • フランス語(スイス)
  • ルーマニア語(ルーマニア) 母国語
  • 翻訳
    1.91 ワード
  • 編集
    1.91 ワード
  • 校正
    1.91 ワード

会計 農業 建築 芸術および文化 自動車業界 銀行業務と投資 生物学


ルーマニア, Giroc, 12:53
14 年 2 月
I'm a curious and passionate cat ;)
As a young student, I was excited about learning new languages and everything behind them. I also love knowing everything that's new in technology and science and not only,  and  keeping myself up to date. I find it fascinating how the world end up to be as it is today.
So, I made up this profile in my attempt to try and satisfy my both curiosities.
Wish me Good Luck :)


Politehnica University of Timisoara - Faculty of Communication Sciences

  • 2013
  • ルーマニア
  • 学士
  • Translation and Interpretation

West University of T imisoara

  • 2015
  • ルーマニア
  • 修士号
  • Theoretical and Applied Translation Studies

CISCO CCNA Routing and Switching

  • 2020
  • ルーマニア
  • 専門家
  • Enterprise, Networking, Security and Automation


Nokia の Network Configuration Engineer
2020 から 現在
Continuing the collaboration with the same customer, I received the opportunity to be part of a new project. The main scope of this project is to swap the old Cisco switches 3750 with the new series Catalyst 9300. This project also includes the replacement of Cisco Routers 2811 with the new Avocent 8000 series to improve and update the network.
Nokia の RAN Network Integration Support Engineer
2018 から 2020
As t he volume of work for our customer grew, not only in volume but also in complexity, so did the responsibilities of this position The main responsibilities are Troubleshooting of the issues appeared after the field and/or remote implementation of network related changes including: integration, rehomings, swaps; based on the trouble tickets that are assigned to our group Interacting, coordinating and offering support for the field service technicians for different issues. Problem solving
Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) の RAN Network Integration Engineer
2016 から 2018
Continuing working for the same French customer, this job was the challenge I wanted Main activities Performing changes in the network: rehomings of BTS NSN, KC C, rehomings of NodeB Ericsson, Huawei Performing night rehomings of BSC KCC, BSC Ericsson, BSC NSN, RNC Huawei IP migrations of 3G sites (Huawei/Ericsson Troubleshooting of the issues appeared after the remote implementation of network related services including: integration, configuration, rehoming. Network corrections post operation
Alcatel-Lucent の GSD Network Analyst (French Language)
2014 から 2016
Our client is a major Telecom Operator in France The scope of our team was a 24/7 live network monitoring and surveillance The team had to manage and resolve the first line of incidents, outages and initiate the incident management in case of need Responsibilities Network alarm monitoring Troubleshooting on minor/major incidents Managing incidents on the network Assistance for field staff during various implementation activities, planned works and related troubleshooting
INDITEX の Sales Assistant
2013 から 2014
Translation Agency Swiss Solutions の Internship
2013 から 2013
Timi’s Ice Café の Barista / Waitress
2010 から 2010
STIL CLASSIC の Sales Assistant
2009 から 2009
EURO GSM S.R.L. の Sales Assistant / Team Leader
2007 から 2008