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Malika Camara

235 ワード

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英語  — フランス語
  • フランス語(フランス) 母国語
  • フランス語(ベルギー)
  • フランス語(スイス)

建築 芸術および文化 銀行業務と投資 ビジネス ブロックチェーンと暗号通貨 通信 経済学


イタリア語  —
  • イタリア語(イタリア)
  • フランス語(フランス) 母国語
  • フランス語(ベルギー)
  • フランス語(スイス)

建築 芸術および文化 銀行業務と投資 ビジネス ブロックチェーンと暗号通貨 通信 経済学


アイルランド, Dublin, 12:47
8 年 1 月
A talented and professional translator with an academic background in Art History and a business background spanning several sectors and many countries. 100% native in EU French, I spent many years living and working in US, Canada, Italy and Ireland and I became fluent in both English and Italian, whether it is spoken, read or written.   
Translator by trade, I am an artist at heart, hence I enjoy artistic/creative translations the most. However,...


Charles de Gaulle University – Lille III

  • 2011
  • フランス
  • 学士
  • Art History and Archaeology


Freelance の Translator
2017 から 現在
EN-FR Translation IT-FR Translation EN and FR Transcription Latest projects include: • English to French translation for Artnight: Artistic content • Italian to French translation for Mosartek revue: Artistic content • English to French translation for Evenium SA: Event Technology/ blog • French video transcriptions for YouTube Channel «Leonis Investisseur»- Finance/Investment • English into French and French into English transcriptions and translations for Selica Translation: medical content
Xerox Europe Ltd の Operations Program Executive
2012 から 2016
Worked as part of the Operations team with the responsibility to coordinate the steady state service delivery for Xerox Print Services contracts in France and Italy.
Xerox Europe Ltd の Bilingual Account Representative
2011 から 2012
Responsible for supporting customers by providing relevant services on all customer copiers, printers and fax machines and by ensuring that end users inquiries were resolved correctly and in a timely manner.
Optima Communications の Bilingual Customer Service Representative
2010 から 2011
Provided the highest level of call center service on behalf of leading national corporations.
Freelance の Dancer/Dance Teacher/ Dance Company Manager
2006 から 2011
Worked as a dancer and dance teacher in Europe and internationally - Created and managed my own dance company.


SEO Copywriting certification

  • 2020

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文書SEO Copywriting certification

Sample Translation EN-FR / Marketing

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文書Sample Translation EN-FR / Marketing

Sample Translation IT-FR / Art

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文書Sample Translation IT-FR / Art

Sample Translation EN-FR / Energy

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文書Sample Translation EN-FR / Energy