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Karla Angela Tajon

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英語  —
  • 英語(米国)
  • 英語(英国)
  • 英語(オーストラリア)
  • 英語(カナダ)
フィリピン語 母国語

農業 年次報告 建築 芸術および文化 銀行業務と投資 生物学 バイオ


英語  —
  • 英語(米国)
  • 英語(英国)
  • 英語(オーストラリア)
  • 英語(カナダ)

会計 農業 年次報告 建築 芸術および文化 銀行業務と投資 生物学


フィリピン, Quezon City, 09:32
12 年 9 月
Grew up in theatre, and was able to participate in production management since 2008 in school. I consider this a very important detail of my work experience and character given the holistic approach in training in the industry-- writing, organization, marketing, creative thinking, communication, proper work attitude.

Always 100% committed in every aspect and work chosen to take part of. 


University of Santo Tomas

  • 2012
  • フィリピン
  • 学士
  • Communication Arts

Miriam College

  • 2020
  • フィリピン
  • 経営管理学修士(MBA)
  • Marketing Management

De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde

  • 2018
  • フィリピン
  • Strategic Brand Management


Sketch Books, Inc. の Events Manager
2018 から 現在
Responsible for creating event-related creative initiatives for brand-building purposes. Role extends from strategic planning, locking partnership with suppliers, crafting communication for promotional materials, and of course to actual implementation of the marketing event effort of the brand.
Globe Studios の Freelance Scriptwriter
2018 から 2018
Translates the director's concept and ideas to script for video advertisements in social media.
EXCITE, Inc. の Senior Events Officer
2012 から 2018
Participates in the creative implementation planning of brand marketing efforts such as expos, product launches, concerts, marketing activation campaigns, etc. and leads the organization of these high profile events. Part of the lead role is to liaise with internal departments to create event proposals, source venues and suppliers, set and manage event budget, provide briefings, actual event implementation, oversee setup and program schedule, and identifying opportunity for the brand.
PETA- MTTL の Artistic Head
2012 から 2013
Makes sure the youth group was able to participate in the theater company's social advocacy. Facilitates brainstorming for collaborative shows to work on in line with company's vision.


Curriculum Vitae

  • 2019

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文書Curriculum Vitae