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Girmaye Teshome

197 ワード

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アムハラ語 母国語
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農業 年次報告 生物学 化学 契約とレポート 通信 文書および証明書類


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アムハラ語 母国語


エチオピア, Addis Ababa, 17:22
10 年
I am a certified GHG emission and reduction MRV expert, and I was assigned and able to successfully accomplish the National GHG emission and reduction inventory for Agriculture, Waste, Energy, and Industrial Product and Product Use sectors as an update for the 2nd national Communication to UNFCCC.
 Furthermore, I am a certified EMS (ISO 14001) Auditor by Quality Austria and also a consultant in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Studies a...


Addis Ababa University

  • 2011
  • エチオピア
  • 修士号
  • Environmental Chemistry


Addis Ababa City Resilience Project Office の Environmental Specialist
2018 から 現在
Design and develop city resilience strategy, Develop bankable project proposals on Environment and Urban DRR dimension of city resilience framework thereby securing funding for implementation, Coordinate and consolidate the different Environment and DRR projects implemented in the city and providing relevant consolidated data for the Mayor’s office, Conduct resilience tailored demand-driven and problem-solving research and impact studies.
Ministry Of Environment Forest and Climate Change の GHG Emission MRV Specialist
2016 から 2018
Verify baseline and project emission calculation for national appropriate mitigation actions(NAMAs) implemented in all the sectors, Prepare a detailed work plan for producing the National GHG Inventory, including interim deliverables and specific outputs, Partake in the national GHG Emission Inventory team ,Give training on Climate Change Laws, MRV of Emission and Mitigation actions, Verify that emission reduction reports submitted by line Ministries are in accordance with CRGE targets.
Ministry Of Environment Forest and Climate Change の Environmental laws Compliance Monitoring expert
2014 から 2016
Undertake environmental inspections, investigations and assessment on Industrial premises and floriculture farms and produce inspection reports, Monitor and verify that large scale development projects EIA and its associated EMP is, adhered at all times throughout the project cycle, Monitor and provide feedback for city municipalities on the status of implementation of the solid waste legislation, Assess and interpret environmental strategies, regulations, standards and directives.
Addis Ababa City Environmental Protection Authority の Energy Expert
2013 から 2014
Create awareness on the use of fuel efficient cooking stoves, solidwaste to charcoal briquette technology, Biogas, solar Cooker, Solar water Heater and other renewable energy technologies, Provide hands-on training on the manufacturing of Briquettes from solid waste, Provide technical advice on the construction of Biogas plants, Provide practical training on solar home systems, Manage and Monitor the construction of Addis Ababa City renewable energy resource promotion centre.


Resilience Strategy Translation

  • 2020

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文書Resilience Strategy Translation