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The Arab Cyberfeminist’s Digital Toolkit
The Arab Cyberfeminist’s Digital Toolkit

Talking about women and technology in Arab countries, perhaps we expect a story about a woman who is uneducated and has little knowledge of English. TechCrunch

Free use Model – a Risky Step for Startups
“Free use” Model – a Risky Step for Startups

IT companies give out their technologies and software products to be used for free and are convinced that the old approach of earning based on the number of licenses per workplace has become outdated. The Times of Israel

The Russian cloud: ABBYY’S Smartcat
The Russian cloud: ABBYY’S Smartcat

In 2011 ABBYY started developing its own CAT tool, Smartcat, with the goal of providing an integrated solution for the translation workflow, from project acquisition to translation over terminology management. TAUS

Hot news from Russia

It was the hottest May 22 since 1897 in Moscow when TAUS came to town to hold its first Roundtable meeting in Russia. More than forty people from all over Russia (and Finland and Latvia) came to the Sheraton Palace hotel for this one day meeting. Participants came from the IT industry, global accountancy and legal firms and of course the largest providers of language services and technologies from Russia were all represented.

Raising productivity of automated translation: The factor of terminology

To reveal the benefits of terminology management and promote its use, linguistic services and technologies provider ABBYY Language Services conducted research to evaluate the impact of terminology management on automated translation. tcworld e-magazine

Improving MT productivity within the cloud

Tremendous technological breakthroughs in the past two decades have revolutionized the translation industry. The creation of computer-aided translation (CAT) tools was only the beginning. The integration of translation memory (TM) and terminology management have vastly increased translators’ productivity, but there is still much more to be done. MultiLingual

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