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Sinan Suner

235 ワード

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英語  —
  • 英語(米国)
トルコ語 母国語

ビジネス 企業の社会的責任 文書および証明書類 エネルギー 教育 経済学 一般口座


トルコ語 母国語  — 英語


トルコ, 00:56
29 年 1 月
I am an Industrial Engineer which reflects my philisophy of work. I am very curious and tend to work in different
areas when I have the opportunity. I have had experience in many areas including financial analysis, strategic
planning, customer services, supply chain, quality assurance, continuous improvement, HSEQ & RM in my 26 years
of professional work life. I had the opportunity to be heavily involved in ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSA...


Texas A&M University

  • 1991
  • アメリカ合衆国
  • 修士号
  • Industrial Engineering

Bosphorus University

  • 1989
  • トルコ
  • 学士
  • Industrial Engineering


Air Liquide Turkey の Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Risk Management Director
2011 から 2019
● Managed the HSSEQ & RM functions of the company that is making over 50M EUR ● Also being part of the 6 member Management Committee advised the HSSEQ & RM strategies ● Managed a team of 8 in terms of HSE, Quality Assurance, Risk Management and Management Systems ● Participated the due diligence and contributed to the accomplishment of a merger in terms of HSEQ functions
Total Oil Turkey の Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager
1999 から 2011
● Managed the HSEQ functions of the company that is making over 1B EUR ● Advised the 7 member Management Team about HSE decisions and projects ● Managed a team of 30 in terms of HSE, Quality Assurance, Fuel Stations Control and Laboratories ● Led a project to establish 5 laboratories in line with regulations according to ISO 17025 standards


CV Sinan Suner

  • 2020

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文書CV Sinan Suner

Translation of the conclusion part of a book

  • 2020

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文書Translation of the conclusion part of a book