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Elise Sarrazin

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英語  —
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フランス, Seclin, 15:40
2 年 1 月
I have been translating for five years now and I recently became a professional freelance translator. Although I particularly enjoy working in the legal and business fields, I welcome almost any type of document. Curious by nature, I am happy to learn and I always thoroughly research the subject to ensure high quality translation. Don't hesitate to contact me for further information!


University of Lille

  • 2019
  • フランス
  • 修士号
  • EN>FR Legal and Technical Translation

University of Reims

  • 2017
  • フランス
  • 学士
  • English, Irish and American, Linguistics, Literature and History


Elise Sarrazin Traduction の Freelance Translator
2019 から 現在
Translation and proofreading of legal, technical and general documents from English into French.
skripto の Project Manager, Vendor Manager and Linguist (Internship)
2019 から 2019
Project management, vendor management, translation, proofreading, editing, DTP.
Various Champagne makers around Reims and Epernay の Vineyard worker
2014 から 2017
Unis-Cité の Volunteer (environment and social)
2013 から 2014
Raising awareness about climate change, showing how to save energy by reducing overall energy consumption, creating and animating events on the issue.


Master Degree EN>FR Legal and Technical Translation

  • 2019

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文書Master Degree EN>FR Legal and Technical Translation

Google Stock Option Plan - Translation Thesis

  • 2019

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文書Google Stock Option Plan - Translation Thesis

Master Degree ( First year)

  • 2018

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文書Master Degree ( First year)

Glossary on Farm and Driving Harnesses

  • 2018

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文書Glossary on Farm and Driving Harnesses

Bachelor Degree

  • 2017

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文書Bachelor Degree